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So funny you should mention acupunture. I actually set up an appt with my integrative medicine doctor to discuss this as a possibility for me. I was actually interested in it for another issue I have (problems with libido and orgasm– have had forever) but if it could serve two purposes, well then I’m even more interested.

The doctor I saw today didn’t see evidence of a UTI based on physical exam, but is doing a culture to be sure. WBCs were up, but she wasn’t convinced its a UTI. Could a yeast infection cause a UTI sensation? It’s like a tickly feeling inside my vagina which makes me feel like I always have to pee. It’s really annoying…I’ve been taking cranberry extract and vitamin c like crazy to no avail.

Also, I’m on my period and during the last 2 periods, I have been having HORRIBLE itching down there. I feel like my YI symptoms, when not on my period, have improved, but when I have my period it’s been really bad. Meanwhile, I’ve read yeast infections are less common during periods. When I was having constant YIs, my periods were the only time I got relief, and now it’s the opposite. Any thoughts or similar experiences anyone? I feel like this diet is helping somewhat, but symptoms during my menstruation has gotten to be really bad whereas they weren’t before.