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As a person who’s candida seems to have stemmed from a toxic mold exposure, I too share your negative feelings towards antibiotics. I realize there is a time and need for them and they have saved a ton of lives but due to most doctors gravitating towards being lazy, they are over prescribed which is the real problem. If you have something serious that needs antibiotics, by all means but when a doctor would rather throw antibiotics at you until the cows come home instead of taking the time to figure out what is really wrong with you, that is where it becomes frustrating.

I seen 7 doctors over the problems I’ve had with sinus congestion, headaches, ear infections list goes on and on. 3 of those doctors prescribed antibiotics, the other 3 just said it was allergies and sent me on my way. None of them entertained the idea that toxic black mold exposure is a real issue nor did they entertain the idea that it could cause candida. Trying to tell a doctor you have candida is like convincing someone you own a unicorn. It’s pointless.

So not only did the toxic black mold send me into a world of hurt but the 3 rounds of antibiotics also made things way worse for me.

Antibiotics is like a nuclear assault on your body. Sure it will get rid of the bad stuff but you are going to totally F up the good bacteria too and used enough times, the bad bacteria can suppress the good bacteria from repopulating.

Gut flora imbalances can cause a WIDE variety of problems. Food allergies and intolerances, sinus congestion, sore throats, constipation, diarrhoea etc.

If I ever get back to normal, I’ll be a lot more careful about accepting antibiotics.