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Able900;33806 wrote:

I also used to just season and drink water I cooked my veggies in. Be careful though about which veggies cooking water you are drinking. Some of them can actually do more harm than use. There is a lot of texts explaining this, here is one that is simple IMO:

Thanks, that was an interesting article, Arijana.

The article caught my interest immediately by starting out with the name Adele Davis. Ms. Davis was very famous as one of the first world-known health enthusiasts. I have a few of her books as collector’s items; they make for some very interesting reading especially following 50 years of research published on what we now know as a healthy lifestyle.

She was also a nutritionist as well as an advocate for nutritional guidelines like unprocessed foods and lots of vitamin supplementations. Of course, as the article points out, concerning the leftover vegetable water, Ms. Davis was wrong about a lot of health issues back then. Unfortunately, it often takes time and experimenting to fine-tune simple health beliefs.

Ms. Davis was known for the saying, “I never saw anyone who drank a quart of milk a day get cancer.” She was also known for eating and advocating desiccated beef liver (powder) every day for energy. Of course, with the years of research behind us, we now know that beef liver contains two and a half times more cadmium than the muscle tissue does. Cadmium is a toxic metal, high levels of which are known to boost the risk of cancer. Unfortunately, Ms. Davis died of cancer at the age of 70. She worked right up to the end since it seems even her death made a statement about what a healthy lifestyle is.


Sorry Able, I realize now that this was not the best article, but I read it countless times from different sources but did not save any of the articles. The one I posted was the result of quick google search. Everything I read scared me enough that I only stick to bone broth with root vegetables.

So you don’t believe in any of this?