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alexalgebra;33111 wrote: Question for anyone that might know regarding anti-fungal foods, such as garlic, coconut oil, rutabaga, etc.Is it best to eat them raw? I’m assuming so.

Actually the healthiest way to cook vegetables is to lightly steam them, then you can drizzle the coconut oil over the vegetables. It’s easier for your body to break the fibers down, but it doesn’t cook away the vitamins and minerals.

If you cook them, do they lose their properties a lot or just a little (or at all)?

Yes, especially if you boil them too long. Again, the healthiest way is to steam lightly. You can also “lightly” bake slices of the rutabaga in the oven.

Does the way they are cooked or prepared change the anti-fungal properties? I cook my veggies a lot because I have such poor digestion right now :p

Why don’t you try steaming your vegetables instead of boiling?

Does garlic powder still work as an anti-fungal?

I’m sure the powder wouldn’t have the same benefits or the same antifungal properties.