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I know most of you folks don’t need to or want to spend extra money right now, but just for future reference; vegetables are better for you when they’re steamed very lightly because it’s easier for them to be broken down by the body plus they cause less digestion problems than raw. Plus it leaves a lot of the vitamins and minerals in the vegetables, both which are lost when veggies are boiled in a pot of water too long. So with that information in mind; there is such a thing as “waterless cookware” on the market. It’s normally constructed of 304 surgical stainless steel and yes, I’m afraid it’s a bit expensive when purchased at retail, but the dealers who sell it over the internet sell at wholesale prices.
This is extremely healthy cookware which a lot of doctors are now recommending to their patients. If you ever decide to purchase this type of cookware, purchase it from one of the many stores online because you’ll save tons of money, and be sure that the pots themselves come with a “Lifetime Warranty” because the waterless cookware is available with this warranty.

Now, since you probably don’t want to spend a lot of money on waterless pots right now, what the members have written above is a lot of useful information. A steamer basket which fits into another pot is usually fairly cheap and can also be used for steaming. You simply place a small amount of water in a saucepan, hang the basket over the side (the baskets usually have a clip which works as a hanger), and place your vegetables in the basket. You can place a lid over the basket if you like to keep the steam from escaping, but remember that you don’t need to prolong the time that you actually steam the vegetables. You want the vegetables to remain firm but not difficult to chew, and you certainly don’t want them to be mushy, really soft, or limp.

And, Alex, I agree with you about Google; why go sifting through dozens of sites when you can come and ask your question on the forum and receive several useful answers as well as tips.
Of course, some of us are a little slow to answer sometimes, and I especially apologize for that today.