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raster wrote: Angor, I feel that western doctors make people feel worse in the long run and that western medicine has a ton of drawbacks and side effects. If you can do things naturally with vitamins, homeopathics, acupuncture, etc…there is no need for western medicine. I would only use pharmies if you have a serious illness or condition.

For instance, I have a chronic insomnia problem that has effected me for over 10 years. I take a drug that works very effectively to help me sleep and I’ve used it regularly for 10 years now. If I could do it all over again, I would take natural stuff to help me sleep instead and never have taken this drug.

stronger…if you are looking at a great way to reduce sugar cravings, I highly recommend acupuncture. I feel that acupuncture can heal just about anything…atleast temporarily. If you did acupuncture specifically for depression and sugar cravings, it would reduce or go away immediately.

Sauna is a great way to detox the body and to remove toxins, so do it as much as you can!


Raster, I always try to choose natural. That’s the way I’m raised. Me too have been suffering from depression for almost four years. Yet I’ve refused to take antidepressants. My doctors call me stupid, but I just can’t do it. It doesn’t feel right. And I think I can count the times I’ve taken painkillers on my fingers and toes.

Though, I got diagnosed IBS when I was sixteen and this was the beginning of an actual need for medecine. Some days I couldn’t leave the house without medecine for diarrhea.

The thing is, I’m well aware that natural is always better. But I still want an answer. It’s somewhat frustrating to ask a question but only get lectures in return. The lecture is important for people to widen their range, but so is the answer.

Two weeks ago I got my period as usual, the diffrence was that it came with severe pain and I was lying on the ground screaming. I had to take pain killers. I felt like I was dying. In such a state I don’t want to have to worry about what the pills may or may not do to a possible candida overgrowth. I want to know. Do you see now what I mean with “Sooner or later most of us will be faced with pills for one reason or another.”

Sometimes you (some people on the forum) say that the slightest mistake can throw you back to point zero, and my question simply is, is this one of these things that will mess everything up?

I have to add, Stronger, of course it’s up to you what you want with your body. That’s why I think it’s important someone gives you the information about what an use of antidepressants will do to the candida overgrowth. To inform you what kind of decision you’re making and what the possible consequences will be.