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Its up to you kjones. I would put together some kind of “core” of supplements you can take. Or you can reduce the supplements and instead of consuming 3x per day, you could go to 1-2x per day for certain ones.

I would think your core would include:
digestive enzymes
probiotic (if you are taking one)

and the drenamin, mintran, ps-100, nox and the rest are less important. Except if you have to sleep, then you need the ps-100 and min-tran…

The small unda homeopathics are rather inexpensive.

The pleo stuff lasts for a long time. Thats part of the equation here…some of these last 2-3 months or longer before you use them and so the expense is spread out.

The homeopathics I would stick with long term because this is when they are most effective. If you start and stop a bunch it doesn’t work as well (ask bernie about this before quitting any of them if possible).