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Yeah I think I’m out of luck with her. The dr hat gave me the stool test gave me the nystatin two weeks ago. She believes me so idk why I went back to this other dr for a follow up. It isn’t the same dr that said have a cheat meal once a week. I’ll be really dissapointed with my test results If they come back negative. I did Geneva metometrix I heard they are good but who knows anymore. I’m still haven’t felt right since Easter eating all the food and I think it’s because I’m on a good amount of nystatin. She had no answer for why I was feeling drunk, tired and loopy other then sayin it’s adrenal fatigue and leaky gut. How is coconut bread and buckwheat not real food. I just pray my results tell me where I’m at next Wednesday. I should play the lotto and if I win I’m Sure a dr would then do research. It’s like we’re paddling up a creek with no paddle