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Well, here’s my latest, gang…

I finished up the Ampicillin, and although it was gentle enough to *not* give me any yeast related side effects, it was also *too gentle* to kill off my UTI :/ I wound up with blood in my urine and another prescription just days after finishing the Ampicillin. THEN, late Tuesday afternoon I was on the phone with my OB, rocking back and forth in pain and shaking. He had me go to the hospital to rule out a kidney infection and early labor contractions. Guess what it was… kidney stones! Multiple kidney stones in my right kidney. The pain eventually subsided that evening and has only flared up minimally since. I see a urologist within the next week or two.

I was SO thankful that the baby was fine, and I wasn’t contracting at all. I’m also thankful for the diagnosis because it helps explain my recurrent UTIs.

Tricky thing is, some people think kidney stones can be brought on by a diet high in oxalates. Wish I had paid a little more attention to those things before my kidney went and got stones! Turns out I’ve been regularly consuming some of the absolute highest oxalate foods – buckwheat, spinach, peppers, and almonds. “Regularly”, as in *daily*. So, in addition to the ACD, now I’m working toward a LOD (low oxalate diet). Missing the buckwheat and the almonds is killer for me. The only grain I have left is wild rice and NO nuts or seeds :/ At least until this resolves a bit – then I’m sure I’ll have them in moderation.

To end on a positive note, I’m finishing up the first half of my latest antibiotic (Macrobid) and I haven’t had any signs of the usual thrush or other yeasty weirdness. That’s *very* encouraging to me. I wound up taking all my grains out of my diet as soon as I started the course – even before the little oxalate revelation – and I did increase my probiotics somewhat (around 90 billion in supplements daily and around 16 ounces in organic yogurt per day as well). No antifungals, though, just to be extra careful with potential die off and the baby.

So far so good. Thankful the pain is negligible at this point, thankful the UTI is (hopefully) being taken care of, thankful the baby is well, and thankful I haven’t had yeast side effects. Hopefully, the second half of the course will be more of the same 🙂

Just thought I’d update you!