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WilliamHolst wrote: Does eating fish produce ammonia? Should you limit fish the sane way you limit chicken?

Yes, all animal protein releases ammonia when it breaks down in the body. This is why I wish it were possible for everyone to be able to eat chicken and fish combined no more than twice a week or three when absolutely necessary, but I realize that for some this simply isn’t possible. Meat and pork are worse than chicken or fish.

Eggs are animal protein, so it’s true that they also contain ammonia, but not to the same degree as the animal itself.

When I first began my own treatment, every day I was eating vegetables, yogurt and meat. I did this for at least a month. My infestation was the type that, when I ate something that was beneficial for or which fed the Candida, I received an almost immediately reaction, not a die-off reaction, but an actual Candida reaction. These reactions literally felt as if the infestation was actually increasing from whatever food I had just eaten.

Although these immediate, very strong reactions were anything but enjoyable, I was lucky in one respect, that was I never had to worry whether or not a particular food or condiment was going to benefit the infestation, I knew right away not to ingest the substance again. Of course, sometimes it was difficult to determine which food I had eaten during the meal was actually the problem food, and that’s how I finally came to realize that animal meat was a problem for the treatment. I determined this by making one meal of around five different items and being extremely careful of ingredients. If I felt a reaction, I would have an identical meal the next day but remove one of the items. I continued this until I removed the specific food which was causing the reaction.

With every meal I prepared in this fashion, the reaction would continue until I removed the meat (unless there were two foods in the meal which caused a reaction, which was sometimes the case).

Then I wanted to know why meat was able to bring about these reactions. Meat isn’t a carbohydrate, and it doesn’t contain sugar, it couldn’t be feeding the Candida, but something had to be causing these reactions. By analyzing the specifics of the meat I found that the breakdown of animal protein caused ammonia to be released. I knew that the Candida also release ammonia, so apparently it must somehow be beneficial to their survival.

In the beginning, the reaction happened when eating all animals accept eggs, even Alaskan wild salmon. But, even though the eggs contained some ammonia, I never received even one reaction from the eggs. This may have to do with the minimum amount of actual breakdown involved with an egg as opposed to the meat of the animal