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CT wrote: That’s useful to know, I didn’t realise the symptom of ammonia was excess gas. I suffer alot with ‘leaky gas’ in general so it is probably a good idea to monitor my protein intake a bit more.

There are other causes of gas though. Certain “bad bacteria” produce gases as they feed on certain types of carbs. This could mean certain kinds of fibre in your vegetables and not just junky sugars and starches. Air swallowing is another common reason. If you suffer from anxiety or have a habit of breathing through your mouth (maybe while you sleep), you might wanna look into that too.

I eat fish regularly and meat once or twice a week. Eggs contain a ridiculous amount of arachidonic acid, and inflammation is something I’m trying to reduce, so I wouldn’t want to eat the amounts some people do. I stick to between 1-3 a day.