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How amazing for you…3 months. I’m days away from 3 months and am back at the start of the diet. I have not been doing the probiotic (pill form) and so I have not had the same success as you have had. Matter of a fact any time I went a tad bit off the diet I was kicked hard. I always knew it and it only took a very small amount. I can’t even imagine what would have happended had I had wine…oh how I miss it. I have several bottles just looking at me and wondering what I’m waiting for. I’m afraid I will never open them with the intent of drinking them. I must say my overall health feels find. It it my mouth meeter that really sets off the alarms if I do something wrong.

Your absolutely right about going back to the way I did eat. Folks complain about eating veggies..but I’m to the point where I don’t even care about meat…to much of a pain. I’m enjoying my salads, stir fried foods.

I think what made me most envious in your post was that you ate fish and chips…oh I love that…I only eat it twice a year and it is always such a big treat. I will miss that lots.

I also miss rice with my stir fry…What kind of rice? I bought brown rice, and red rice and they both sit in my pantry. I just don’t have the courage to try them. I’m so proud of you and your success. Keep up the good work and thanks for the inspiration 🙂