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I read your update.!
I would like to say some things that you may agree with some and disagree with others.
First, your diligence and discipline following the treatment have given you fruits. This is great, and I am always happy when I know that someone has found the way to recover of CRC. IMO, you didn’t get the fungal overgrowth because you ate too much fruits in the past, if not, because your immune system became tolerant to the yeast over time. This is the real way this infection growth. It is an slow process that can start early in life. Candida Albicans is opportunistic and gain terrain step by step. When the numbers are high, and for enough time, the immune system begin to accept it and tolerates its presence. It is all about immune load and tolerance.

My overgrowth was triggered by antibiotic intake, but I had candida before ( I realize it now ) In spite of my severe overgrowth, I was able to take it down to the point I was symptoms free two times. I returned to a “normal” diet and could enjoy it around 2 or 3 months when the infection came back again. It was the moment when I began to look at underlying causes and linked it to mercury.
I have strong reasons to believe mercury is very implicated in my case, and may lead too. Early in my life, I worked as a body shop technician painting cars with old paints that were loaded with lead. Later, I became an electrician having contact with broken fluorescent lamps many times (aspiring gases with mercury) The worse thing occurred during 2006/2007 when I needed dental works and were done with amalgams. One of the work never was well done, and the dentist had to replace the amalgams around 4 times in the same year. From that time, my health began to going down gradually to the point I collapsed.

Anyway, I feel you don’t need to be an slave of the candida diet but have to be careful and introduce food gradually. You know the symptoms, and they will alert you if something is going wrong.