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Lucylu wrote: (Ok… whoever you are that has hacked into Able’s account and posted such outrageous claims… just back off and give us back the Able we know & love!! Ok, so he’s a bit anal & damn pushy but we’ve kinda grown to like him that way!!)

What? Who’s a control freak? I know you weren’t speaking to yours truly.

BUT I really feel that this new you will help the newbies all the more in their dedication to the protocol. It will prove that if you stick to this 100% for a time such as 6, 9 or 12 months (a time which does seem like an eternity to those starting out).

True. After reading a few posts on the forum that have claimed that this protocol isn’t really a ‘cure’ at all, but rather necessitates a lifetime of remaining on the diet, I decided that someone needs to prove that this way of thinking is incorrect in a huge majority of cases (possibly all), and there is a way to cure the infestation without invasive treatments (although I’m sure that many new members believe our protocol to be quite invasive). Everyone of us also truly appreciate your own testimony to that fact. Way to bar the ole soul as you say.

So again, well done Able on such amazing progress and for “coming clean” with us about your new eating/ drinking habits. You’re proof that this protocol works and we’re hugely indebted to you for sharing your experiences, research findings & advice with us. You’ve helped more people that you’ll ever know and I just hope you realise how much we all appreciate it.

Oh man, Luce, you gotta stop making me blush. And, thanks a million for that entire paragraph.

(Either last night’s wine is still in my system or I’ve gone all soft on you! I’ll stop my sentimental drivle now and get back to my awkward, sarcastic & cheeky self!!!).

Yeah, I was wondering what the deal was, Cheeky; given a choice, I think it’s the wine.

And a huge “way to go” on being able to add the foods you named to your diet. Sounds like your testimony outweighs my own considering what you’ve added. It feels good just to know you can do this whether you intend to continue or not, right? Thanks so much for posting that info, Luce.

what’s pimento cheese?

Luce, I’m going to send a few recipes to you in a personal message describing how pimento cheese is made (obviously for observation purposes only – and not so that you can be making it — yet). I’m posting it this way because I don’t want any newbie coming along and assuming this is a recipe for ‘their Candida diet.’ Of course you can also purchase various size ‘tubs’ of pimento cheese in stores in the states.

I’m assuming you know what a pimento is, but if not; it’s a cherry pepper, a variety of the red, heart-shaped chili pepper, but not really a “hot” pepper, being totally unlike jalapenos.