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dvjorge wrote:

I also cheated over the holidays and ate some bread (wheat) rolls, some fruits, balsamic vinegrette, and pumpkin pie (with sugar and wheat). I only had a slight reaction to the sugar in the pumpkin pie and didn’t really feel anything when I ate the rolls or fruit. I am almost there as well…but so far away! I think once I quit smoking, my gut will be able to heal much much faster…getting close to my goal of quitting soon. I have reduced my smoking to 5 a day from 8-9 a day when I started the diet, so getting real close! Also quit the caffeine (mostly) and drink one green tea and one coffee per week. I used to drink caffeine a whole bunch!

Good stuff Able…glad to hear that you to the giant leap of faith and went for it! I only hope that you can do it again sometime soon and be OK!


I will suggest you some supplements that help to heal the gut faster in case you aren’t taking them.
1-L- Glutamine 3000 to 5000 g a day.
2-Colostrum (increase the intestinal villi lengths)
3-Slippery Elm.
6-Bee Pollen (increase the villi)
7-Omega 3
8-N Acetyl Cysteine.
9-Aloe Vera
10-Licorice Root.

Some of this supplements have been adviced by Dr. Leo Galland who is one of the word leaders in gastrointestinal research. Some people end with an intestinal fungal overgrowth but are left with leaky gut and a damaged epithelium.

How do they work together with out diet here? Is there something conflicting?
How much do you take of each and do you have some links to suppliers?