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tpain wrote: I do understand the importance of a proper candida diet, but I still think the results MAY be achievable without it. If you are really hitting the candida that hard, the body may be able to recover without the assistance from a diet. Please don’t take this post as anything other than an idea.

I have thought the same thing many times. I have recovered following a very strict diet and can not say there aren’t some candida colonies or cells living in the lower part of the small bowel where the enemas don’t reach.

One thing I am sure, the enemas delivery the poison in the place where MOST candida colonies are living. Enemas remove the colonies because there is a water flow going out and your colon propels it hard.

Dr.Truss invented the diet in an effort to assist oral antifungals because he knew its limitations and how difficult is to reach the colon with oral medicines. This is the reason and the origin of the anticandida diet.

I want to write a post about the antifungals explaining its limitations and why current treatments are so ineffective. That will be my most informative post ever because that conclusion was what took me to find alternatives and to recover.