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well to get off the subject of enemas and talk straight about diflucan. i started taking diflucan the same time i started the diet and loading up on all the antifungals, vitamins etc. i took it for around 6 weeks. i Actually DO think it helped with getting a good start on helping with the candida. With that said, i felt it wasnt able to do much more when for wreaks havoc on your liver and two, i had enough other things i was putting into my body to help me. The diet for the first two weeks, made me VERY weak. i had a hard time even walking across the room. after the first two weeks, it got a little better but i was still weak for up to about 6 weeks..after that i got most all of my strength back… i have days when i feel weak but mostly, i am ok. and my chronic fatigue is gone also. thats been great. i still battle with some dizziness and headaches nearly every day still..hoping it will get better soon. so thats my story on diflucan and where i am at. i am a little over 3 months into my diet.