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Javizy wrote:

I have been doing the enemas for around 5 or more months. What has happened is I feel better and better progressively. I am not the first who did it. Remi96 and Johnny Vegas, two curezone posters that were looking for answers did the same years ago. They have returned to the forum occasionally to tell people they are living a normal life eating what they want. There are many cases who have reported it in curezone during the 90’s and early 00’s. They were my inspiration to do it. So far, I am a mirror of what they reported. Michelle (Remi96) was a year doing the enemas every day. Enemas don’t remove the flora, and if it does, you get a new one. There isn’t an universal human flora.

People in Asia have a kind, in South America, another, and so on. Everywhere in the world people enjoy health, so it imply that there isn’t a MUST have kind of specie in your gut. I am convinced you know it because you have researched Genoma Proyect Articles. Javizy, the flora is important, very important, but we have been responsible of overrated it. We need an intestinal flora there is no doubt, but we should no fear of it. It changes, varies, and is possible to modulate and regain it if it is necessary.

The flora changes with the diet even when some bacteria dominate. It makes me think that there isn’t a required kind of bacteria to be healthy. If the enemas remove some or most, other will take place.

People from different parts of the world have different flora composition. Does it mean I am healthier than someone living in Europe ?? I don’t think so. People enjoy health in spite of a variation in the flora composition. What CAN NOT be in the colon is an overgrowth of candida. As far as bacteria, there are hundreds that can be there. My mother is 87 y/o, thanks god, and she have done many enemas in her life. During the 40s, she did many every time she had an upset stomach. Enemas are known and used since many years ago.

I’m not suggesting there’s an ideal gut flora “configuration”. They differ enough between families, let alone between continents. I also think you’re right that we get a bit carried away about this idea of cultivating “friendly” bacteria. Maybe looking at controlling them is more useful. Things like inulin and pectin may be helpful, but in what amounts? The dose makes the poison and this is true even for otherwise healthy foods or beneficial microbes.

I don’t think you’re right it’s fine to lose bacteria or disrupt the gut ecology though. Just because there isn’t a global standard doesn’t mean screwing with the balance is okay. Antibiotics wouldn’t be a problem if that was true, and people who do colonics wouldn’t end up reliant on them for decent BMs. You can’t control what’s lost, and your ability to control what regrows is limited. That’s why I’m saying you should be more seriously considering the long-term impact of such frequent enemas, and perhaps waiting until you’re in the position of the people in your anecdotes before getting people too excited about it.

You are right about no disturbing the flora if it isn’t necessary. The same thing happens when your Dr prescribes antibiotics because you have an infection. You know they are bad for the flora, but what you can do ?? I haven’t found any other way to exterminate candida colonies in the colon than the enemas. It must be done to recover even if the bacterial flora is disturbed.
What I say is people get the flora from one way or other. My daughter never drank breast milk and has a flora, babies that born by unnatural delivery also get the flora from the mother milk, environment, formula, etc.
What can not be in the colon is a pathogen such as candida. Image if I need to think every minute about the side effects treatments have, I would never take a decision to recover my health because nothing is ideal. So far, I feel normal. I doubt I have washed out the flora feeling the way I feel. Something good has been happening with the enemas when I feel well. I believe the most important part of any treatment is listening to your body.