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First of all Thanks to Cheesy for puting up this post,
I actually just got a quote from a regular dentist 2 days ago for 3 of my teeth. In my case, those 3 teeth really need to be fixed anyways. 2 of them are 15 year old metal crowns that need new crown and 1 needs new filling because the filling inside it broke.

I do believe the that Mercury in my mouth contributes to candida , so it is related.

But the dentist also explained to me what Floggi has posted when I mentioned to him about Mercury(Keep in mind this dentist was a regular dentist not a holistic one). He explained there is actually more Mercury in the fish and also said there is a great chance of Mercury getting in my system during Amalgam removal…. What I did not know is there are “Holistic Dentists” available who do this procedure in a way that is cleaner and with a less chance of Mercury getting into my system…. So thanks SO SO much for this post it’s perfect timing.

Also, thanks to Floggi for posting about BPA material and estrogen. After reading this post, I am planning to make an appointment with a holistic dentist in my area next week to see how much he will charge me to do the job… I will ask about the material he uses and make sure he does not use that material….

The Quote I got from the regular dentist was:
2 PFG (Porcelain Fuse Gold) Crowns ——— $700 each
1 Onlay Filling ———— $1200
So the quote he gave me was about $2600 for all 3

Let’s see how much will the “Holistic Dentist” Quote me… I do have to pay a $50 visit for this Holistic Dentist where as the my regular dentist did not charge me to give me the quote since I had dental work done there before….

Anyways, thanks so much for your helpful post!
God Bless