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Cheesey;43264 wrote: Floggi, I just found this interesting quote in this apparently well designed, peer-reviewed scientific study:

It is shown that significant Hg release from dental amalgams is a necessary but insufficient condition to obtain a high long term body burden.

So, you may be correct that amalgam fillings do not cause mercury toxicity, however it appears that they are necessary in its establishment.

This is scientific wording.

It does not mean that dental amalgams release significant amounts of mercury.

It does mean that mercury intoxication may occur if, and only if,
a) Your dental amalgams happen to be in such a bad shape that they do release lots of mercury;
b) Some other condition, which is not named here, is also present.

By the way, don’t ordinary dentists in the USA take the normal precautions when removing amalgam (or BPA) fillings? My dentist always takes such precautions: she makes sure not even the tiniest grain of dust can enter my throat, she sucks away all saliva, and she even sucks away the air so I don’t breathe in anything that might have any adverse effects.

Maybe that’s why I’ve never heard of “holistic dentists” in my country. This is just common practice.