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Able900 wrote:

Isn’t rutabaga too starchy for candida diet?


Rutabaga is the strongest antifungal that you can find in a food form and probably stronger than any natural antifungal supplement you can take. Just be sure you’re taking Molybdenum if you haven’t had rutabaga since starting the treatment because eating a substantial amount can cause powerful die-off symptoms.

As far as starch is concerned, you’re not going to avoid starch unless you stop eating altogether, and sometimes the positives far outweigh the negative aspects to such a degree that it’s much more beneficial to eat these foods than it is to avoid them. This is very much the case with rutabagas.

You can’t just look at the ‘big picture’ when you’re considering foods to eat on a Candida diet because usually there are details that shouldn’t be overlooked.


Thanks Able, whilst i’m fairly used to a low carb diet, I feel so drained at the moment. Badly need a re-feed, hopefully this will give me a little bit of energy.