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raster wrote: I dunno about this idea, but should they maybe test their tolerance to foods not allowed? Examples would be peanuts, vinegar (dressing), sugar, etc. Just eat something small and see if no reaction?

Totally incorrect information. Sugar should NOT be tested by a Candida sufferer on stage 1, 2, or 3, but only after all stages are complete and there are absolutely no leftover Candida symptoms or even die-off, and even then it’s big gamble at the very least.

Sugar is the number one food for Candida, and even a small number of Candida can began a completely new colony of Candida with even a small amount of sugar. White distilled vinegar shouldn’t be tested either as it’s made by using alcohol and a yeast fermentation mixture. Instead of white vinegar, apple cider vinegar can be used for salads throughout the diet stages.