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Thanks so much to both of you for responding so quickly! I was awake during the night hoping you both would!!

I’ll stop with the Quinoi, toms, Dida (what starch is in it?).

I’m heading a bit further out of town today to a really good organic health food store & cafe. I’ll look for coconunt flour (I have a suspicion it’s not available in Ireland, think I saw that on some site), buckwheat, ground golden flax seed. Can I make the bread with buckwheat flouw if I can’t get coconut? Also stavia just to have in… again, I’ve never seen it here but i’ve never really shopped in these shops before.

I’m using Organic Eggs, Organic Coconut Oil (glass jar but solid… maybe because it’s a bit chilly over here!). I’ll buy bottles water but I think I’m ok as we live in the country – small village with it’s own water supply. I’ll leave it til later on next week to get organic chicken – we have an amazing market with dozens of meat & fish stalls in the nearest city so I might pop in there today to reserach it but not buy til next week.

Was thinking I’d be done with the cleanse by next Tuesday? Or should I start again from today without the things I was mistakingly eating?

Thanks again so much for responding. Thanks for the links. Have sped read them now but have 4 kids shouting for my attention so will read in greater detail later. You both invest so much time and empathy into your responses on this site you truly are invaluable.