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I just wanted to chime in IBSguy is that you should plan on a long recovery period; it can take as long as 6-18 months to recover from candida overgrowth and years of abuse to the gut. Its good that you have seen some of your symptoms lift, but plan on almost all of them going away in time.

As far as hemorrhoids, I have been dealing with this problem as well. If you drink caffeine or am a smoker like me, then it’ll be difficult to heal them in the long road. They are also tied to constipation.

I take a few supplements that heal my hemmorhoids and they include collinsonia root and spanish black radish. They always flare up when I cheat or drink coffee.

Another one worth mentioning is chamomile tea which is antifungal, heals hemorrhoids, and gives you energy in the morning (when steeped longer than 8 mins).