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Jackie2 wrote: I have been dealing with thrush for past 9 months. Mostly gone after 3 months…but not completely gone yet. I follow the strict diet you get from Able900 ask him in a PM. Doc’s will not help me at all….this diet has been a huge life savor for me. Best of luck.

Also look under oil pulling. That was a big life savor too 🙂


Do you happen to have any pics of what ur thrush looked like? I have white spots on the bottom of my tongue that hurt, a nigher spot on the bottom of my mouth that hurts, and my cheek that is swollen and hurts. I have to swish with lidocaine just to eat. I haven’t been diagnosed with Candida but I suspect that’s what it is. The oral problems I have been back having is what really tipped me off. Oh and my dry persistent cough. Sometimes I can barely eat! In fact I haven’t ate for 3 days because my mouth is so sore AND I have been having diarrhea from IBS!!! How the hell did I even get this? ;'( Wahhh … Lol ok pity part time