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Able900 wrote: I think you should try this since you can’t tolerate eggs. Of course you probably know to watch for any reactions or symptoms of an allergic or Candida nature and adjust accordingly.

I tried baking with it last night, not only was it a complete failure, but also didn’t taste too nice either. I guess I might just have to tough it out with the eggs, or maybe just use the egg yolks as I saw suggested in another post. I don’t think I react to nuts though, so I’ll try reintroducing the ones I’m generally ok with and see how I go. Maybe I can minimise the eggs that way.

Hemp seeds, preferably organic, would be another protein source you could test. Be sure to chew nuts or seeds thoroughly.

That’s great. I know I get on well with hemp protein.

Yes it does.

Thanks very much for the clarification. I’ll steer well clear. Does this mean I have to avoid liquorice tea as well? I’m not using it at the moment, but I was keeping it in reserve for a sweet fix. I think I may be craving adrenal stimulation, which is weird since I’ve been off coffee, tea, and most of the time chocolate for years now. I guess it must be the lack of carbs and sugar.

This is difficult for everyone, especially when you first introduce the antifungals, but normally it’s something that comes with time and experience.

Thanks, my gut feeling (pun intended :-)) is that oatbran doesn’t work for me so I’ll avoid it from now on. I certainly don’t have the same reaction to coconut flour. I had some swede (rutabaga) for the first time last night and feel a bit tired and foggy this morning, but by body was really craving it so I think I’ll add it to my diet from now on.

What brand of oat bran was this?

Mornflake 100% oatbran. I stopped it before because I wasn’t sure if I was having a reasction to it or not.

It wasn’t due to the prebiotic properties, so it was either feeding the Candida, depending on the type, or an allergic reaction more than likely.

It was probably an allergic reaction, I think I have a leaky gut.

How much Molybdenum are you taking during a day and is it the Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate form?

Two doses of 250mcg during the day, and yes it’s the amino acid chelate. I also have a homeopathic remedy to help absorb it better. I’m finding that it’s really clearing up my brain fog.

Thanks for the help! I’ll keep trawling through all the old posts when I have time. I’m learning tons just by reading up on other people’s questions.