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Greetings, Hal.

I saw a post that recommended swapping flax seeds for the eggs in coconut bread, which would be wonderful if it works, however I’m not sure I’m allowed flax seeds.

I think you should try this since you can’t tolerate eggs. Of course you probably know to watch for any reactions or symptoms of an allergic or Candida nature and adjust accordingly.

Are nuts and seeds a problem because of carbohydrate or because of fungus? If it’s the fungus, can I eat them if I soak and roast them?

Soaking and roasting them will certainly help. But sometimes people will react to nuts and seeds regardless of precautions, I know that I did and was never able to eat any type during the treatment, so just be careful with any that you may test.

Can I eat hemp protein?

Hemp seeds, preferably organic, would be another protein source you could test. Be sure to chew nuts or seeds thoroughly.

On a different note, does cacao paste (pure cocoa powder and coacoa butter) have too much caffiene?

Yes it does. You should try to avoid any amount of caffeine during your treatment because you’re trying to build your adrenals to help heal your immune system, otherwise, you’ll never cure the infestation. The adrenals are a large part of your immune system, and caffeine can easily stress and exhaust your immune system. When you consider a different food item, ask yourself, “Will this help me to build the strength and good health that I’m going to need in the coming months?” If the answer is “no” as with cocoa, then you should just forget about it, because if it’s not going to help, it’s probably going to cause harm.

I’m also really struggling to tell the difference between a candida reaction and an anti fungal reaction.

This is difficult for everyone, especially when you first introduce the antifungals, but normally it’s something that comes with time and experience.

so since I hadn’t had oat bran for a month

What brand of oat bran was this?

I don’t know if this is due to it’s prebiotic properties, or to it’s carbohydrate levels

It wasn’t due to the prebiotic properties, so it was either feeding the Candida, depending on the type, or an allergic reaction more than likely.

How much Molybdenum are you taking during a day and is it the Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate form?