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I agree with you raster. I’ve been using homepathy for quite a while now, and having done regular hair tests, the evidence seems to show it is clearing out the heavy metals I had stored in my body. Once those have been dealt with, it should be much easier for me to deal with the candida, because the underlying imbalance will have been corrected.

I’m not a homeopath either, but I can recommend a good one in the UK if anyone wants to know.

My preparations are also all in liquid form and are alcohol based, but since I only take one drop at a time I find it doesn’t affect the candida. The main benefit of my remedies has been removing the depression, anxiety and negative thoughts I was getting. That coupled with starting the diet has made a massive difference to me.

Each remedy is specific to the person though, so you really should see a qualified homeopath to find out the best one for you. It takes into account a hundred different factors, and the smallest thing can change which remedy suits you best.