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Both of these items can significantly set back your progress; I ate both of these items together for awhile and it wasn’t beneficial to my treatment.

Why? Rice is hard to digest for the gut and contains sugar/starch.

The almond butter is also problematic. You need to eat only FRESH almond butter and this is hard to come by. I luckily have a store in my state where you press a button on a machine and it makes FRESH almond butter right then and there! If you were to eat the packaged stuff thats been sitting on the store shelf, it will have too much mold for you to heal successfully. I mean, how long do you think its been sitting there from production to final product? Months!

You can make homemade almond butter by putting almonds in a blender or grinding kitchen appliance, and this will be fresh! You can soak the almonds beforehand also (and roast them) and this should get rid of most of the mold.

Instead of rice cakes and almond butter I now eat celery and almond butter and its a much better option. I do miss those rice cakes but there is a reason I crave them!