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miguel x
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Hello all: I enjoyed following this discussion, fer sure. I have been dealing with gut issues for decades now and, although I have seen good results and improved health in the past, I now have a flare up of symptoms that have me starting all over again on eradication.

Able and others; I would very much like to see the more restricted diet protocol. I must say this is daunting in that I am tall and thin and have assimilation issues and restricting further my limited diet leaves me feeling shaky and hypoglycemic. My diet to now has included meats and cheeses and rice and vegetables mainly for the energy it affords me; removing all but the vegetables leaves me undernourished I feel. I have already started loosing weight after eliminating cheese and rice…

In addition, this question: I have tried live fermented vegetables and I see a very pronounced and obvious histamine type response with flushed skin, itching sensation all over and sinus headache/stufyness. I also develop skin rashes more easily. Could this be die off or do y’all feel it is more of a histamine intolerance which some folks see from cultured products? (Cultured foods apparently develop and contain histamine through the process of fermentation my research indicates.)

Saludos! Miguel