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Thanks able for putting this together. I’ve seen way too many people concerned about certain food items lately.

I noticed that you didn’t include any fruits; I would like to point out that this is because fruits contain sugars! I also noticed you didn’t include any carrots anywhere; I think they are allowed during phase 2 (personally). Garbanzo beans should be allowed also during phase 2; whats wrong with these?

There are probably way more spices you can include; I think it’d be best to have a list of spices you cannot have during phase 1 of the diet. This will narrow it down some. Did you leave off many spices/herbs because they contain molds? What about pumpkin?

I personally am eating chicken every single day; what are your thoughts on eating this more than you specified?

What about these types of meat?:
alligator (and other lizard meats; they got it down in the south!)