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Himawari wrote: I have a question about garlic:
Does garlic’s anti-fungal properties depend on the type of garlic being consumed? I try to eat raw garlic, but I really like the flavor of roasted garlic (ie sauteed in a frying pan), and garlic powder is SO VERY MUCH more convenient than having to cut up actual garlic cloves.Should I try to refrain from roasting the garlic? And is there any benefit left in garlic powder, or just yummy taste?
While we’re on the topic of flavorings: I’ve been avoiding spicy foods, even though I love them, because almost all candida diets say you should avoid them, but I would like to know why exactly. Cayenne pepper, wasabi (Japanese horseradish), chili pepper… is there something inherently wrong with these ingredients? Do they create a yeast-friendly environment?

Roasted and raw garlic are both fine for the treatment. Powered can be used in cooking, but raw is going to be more beneficial.

I know that most “experts” and Candida diets instruct one to leave the hot spicy foods and peppers alone although I’ve never really known exactly why, other than perhaps the red or brighter colored peppers contain a bit more sugar than the green. Actually, Cayenne pepper has been traditionally used by herbalists for a long time in curing stomach aches, cramping, gas, varicose veins, allergies, and constipation, which are all possible problems with a Candida infestation. In addition, in a test conducted by the Department of Agriculture in New Orleans, cayenne pepper was shown to exhibit an antifungal compound, so one has to wonder why not use it as a Candida antifungal?