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Hi everyone!
Before anything I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who posts here, especially Able and Raster, for making me feel like I’m not alone and have some hope! I’ve been a silent observer here for a few weeks, and started the diet 8 days ago. I’m finally posting because I’d like a copy of the strict diet please. That, and I have about a million questions.
My brief history… I’m a 29 yr old woman who took bc pills for 11 years. I had 4-5 sinus infections a year (with antibiotics) for about 5 years in my early twenties. Then I discovered sinus rinses, but I still get horrible sinus headaches, brain fog, horrible short term memory. A few years ago I had inflamed cervix and vaginal walls, and they tested me for everything under the sun with a final diagnosis of chronic vaginitis and chronic cervicitis. Shortly after that I developed an allergy to dairy, and about 6 months ago I developed an intollerance to gluten. At this point I was mostly eating organic fruits,veggies, and whole grains with the occasional fish. Then about a month ago I started having diarrhea 4-8 times a day and I knew I had to find another answer… which led me here!
I didn’t do a cleanse because with my two jobs and school, I couldnt handle it.
Here’s what my average day is like
1 Renew Life Probiotic, 15 billion
salad or celery sticks with almond butter (was doing eggs but I think they were making me constipated)
2 garlic pills
1 molybdenum
1 vitamin C/echinacea

large mixed green or kale salad with lots of veggies, whole avocado

I usually have almond milk with chia seeds and stevia, it keeps me full for awhile

steamed veggies or salad with fish or chicken
2 garlic pills
1 molybdenum

1 more probiotic before bed

1) I have NO energy and can’t seem to stay full. I’m used to eating quinoa and brown rice and I’m missing my whole grains. anything I can substitute?

2) is it common for people to lose NO weight? my husband and parents were worried that with the way I’m eating I’d be skin and bones, but I’ve only lost half a pound in 8 days. it has me worried I’m not doing something right.

3) my left eye will NOT stop twitching! is this a symptom of any kind or am I just stressed?

Thanks to anyone who responds and helps!