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Hi Able,
I have two questions. I am on the week 3 of the diet (yey!) and started introducing coconuts, which is a great yummy addition by the way.

But, I didn’t realize until tonight that the pure coconut (organic in the can) milk I had (organic in the can) was listed under the phase 2 food.

I must have misunderstood the condensed coconut cream with pure coconut milk….

Should I stop using the pure coconut milk? (I guess…according to the protocol).

But, my question is why condensed coconut cream is on after 2 weeks food list and pure coconut milk is much later? . It seems condensed one is sweeter thus seems to feed candida more…???
I actually thought the only part of coconut not allowed was juice.

My another question is about soy sauce and soy bean paste (miso).
I was born and raised in Japan and those were my main flavor ingredients.

What I like to know is at what stage I can introduce these food in my diet? (Don’t tell me never!)
I saw something like this on Japanese website talking about candida….”soy sauce and Soy bean paste are fermented probiotics and being Japanese eating them small amount can actually beneficial”. REALLY?!?!

I guess part of me want to believe this, but I don’t have enough knowledge myself to verify this info.
With your vast knowledge of candida diet, can you please give me your insights on this?

Thank you for your help!!