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hello to all,

I am a newbie and i like what i read about the cleansing and protocols of anti candida..i haven’t started my cleansing till i get the proper vitamins and minerals on hand..need to order the essential ingredients. My question would be where kind i find the Allowed Food list? Once i finish my cleansing what kind of food do i need to get the proper food in my system and what is the Alternate Strict diet. I am interested in this diet as well…i too have been suffering yeast infection, UTI, bacteria vaginosis (which finally disappear)… just recently i had this overcome pain in my bladder.. i went to the doctor thinking it was UTI but they found no bacteria in my urine and jut gave me fluconazole 150 mg… this help ease the bladder pain and the burning or razor feeling when i urinate…at first i thought i had interstitial cystitis but i read a book from Catherine Simone “Along the Healing Path” that i may have systemic yeast and that i should do an anti-candida diet…my health has been abused to reckless eating and finally my internal system gave up from too many antibiotics from UTI which weakend my immune system.Can someone please help me to get me in the right direction…I have read some of the forums and i too have been a sufferer of yeast problem but did not know that there are healthy alternative ways…Thank-you to all who shared there wisdom and experience to all of us who could not have the courage to do so..