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Hello, Caitie.

Quote: I had a reaction to the coconut flour and fed the candida..

Reply: You didn’t feed the Candida with coconut flour, if this were possible, it wouldn’t be on the allowed foods list. This was probably an allergic reaction; I would wait about two weeks to try it again, and then just a bite or two of the bread to start with, skip a day, and try it again in the same amount. Move up to more very slowly.

Quote: I’d also like to know about different seafood and fish other than salmon as well, can we have it?

Reply: This is answered in the reply to Himawari.

Quote: Also, for years when I still had candida I was allergic to milk, but recently when I went to my naturopath she tested my allergies again and found I was showing as no longer allergic, so do you think it is safe for me to try Greek yogurt or should I wait longer?

Reply: Treat the yogurt as a test food, that is if you want to try it.