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CT wrote: But I just wondered why apples can be eaten but not raspberries when raspberries have a lower fructose content?

One of the main objections of the Candida diet, actually just as if not more important than avoiding food for the Candida, is feeding the beneficial bacteria in the intestines, because without the bacteria multiplying and colonizing, you would never cure the infestation.

In-vitro test-studies show that pectin will feed the beneficial bacteria as well as prevent pathogens such as Candida albicans cells from adhering to the intestinal walls.

Pectin is a natural fiber found in plant cell walls, but more specifically and more concentrated it’s found in the skin of sour fruits. Granny Smith apples with their tart taste and abundant skin are also abundant in pectin; this abundance is the reason that Granny Smith Apples were chosen over other types of fruit.

If you want to test raspberries or blueberries, you’re welcome to go ahead as no one is telling you that you can’t. Our protocol and diet are only suggestions.