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Litz wrote: 1) Is there a difference between the organic neutral taste Coconut Oil and the Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil?

I don’t know what neutral taste CO is.

Does it matter if you only use the Coconut Oil to cook with as opposed to just eating it on a spoon?

You should do both, and read the antifungal post.

I bought a product called Orega Max, which has wild mountain grown oregano, wild rhus corlaria, organic garlic, and organic onion all in a capsule. Will this be as effective as using the oil of oregano as an anti-fungal?

I don’t know, never heard of it. Oreganol P73 Super Strength in liquid form seems to be the best for treating the infestation. Of course the one you mentioned may help, no harm if trying it since you already have it.