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For those who are wondering what Salba is; it’s a brand of Salvia Hispania seed, a member of mint family. It was originally used as a medicine during the Aztec civilization.

Salba has a unique growing process that always yields a more nutritious seed than generic types, being high in quality protein, fiber, omega 3 and other vitamins, the claims are that it’s not only a highly nutritious seed, but also has the ability to cure various ailments.

So, as to whether or not it’s ok as a Candida diet food; since Salba is organic (according to the ones I’ve seen), I don’t see a problem with it being one of the foods that could be tested after 2 to 4 weeks of the treatment.

Keep in mind that seeds can produce mucus which you want to keep at a minimum with a Candida infestation. This is the major hold up on having seeds during the treatment.