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Jigidog wrote: In your leaky gut thread you mentioned oat bran, can we eat oat bran in stage 1?Also one more small question: You recommend anti fungals for around 2 week use, otherwise candida will adapt to the antifungal and become resistant, after it became resistant, how long does it take to become weak again against the overused antifungal? Does it take forever or?
It would be great to know what antifungals have what timing, i heard grape fruit
seed antifungal gets resisted quickest? I have this picture that some antifungals
dont really have the resistance problem like onion / garlic?

Whole food sources of antifungals do not need to be stopped and restarted several weeks later. I’m speaking of whole foods such as raw or roasted garlic, avocados, coconut oil, and onions. Even black olives contain the antifungal antioxidant polyphenol. Of course if the black olives are packed in white distilled vinegar this will render the olives useless and even jeopardize your treatment.

On the other hand, antifungals such as oil of oregano, garlic pills, and the grapefruit seed extract which you mentioned should be alternated every few weeks.

Quote: It would be great to know what antifungals have what timing.

Reply: Rotating every two weeks is a good average for all antifungals because that’s about how long it takes GSE to run its course with the Candida. Waiting a month or so to start it back normally works well. By this time you’ve hopefully destroyed a large number of the fungi that were around a month earlier, and will be working on a whole new generation of fungi who have not been subjected to the GSE.