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Himawari wrote: On fermented foods:
I live in Asia, where the grocery stores abound with various fermented items.
I had read somewhere that fermented foods are a problem when combating yeast, and over-consumption of fermented foods can help prompt an overgrowth in the first place. So I’ve been avoiding anything and everything fermented.
So I was surprised (and thrilled) to see kim chi on the acceptable list. Kefir is a fermented food as well, right?
– Are all fermented foods okay, given that their base ingredients are from the acceptable list? Or are there only certain fermented foods that are acceptable?
– Are fermented foods (esp. kim chi) something that are especially beneficial and should be consumed often, or just simply an okay food to eat? Is there a limit on how much I should be eating per day/week?
– Also, why is black pepper not on the acceptable list?

Fermented foods are allowed because the foods contain living microorganisms (bacteria) which are beneficial to the intestines as well as destroying Candida, in other words, these are a lot like taking a probiotic or kefir. As long as the fermentation is safe and done correctly, there should be no problems, and these foods can be eaten several times a day.

Of course pepper is acceptable for the diet.