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Able900 wrote: All of these questions are answered on the “Allowed Foods” post other than the question concerning Stevia. I would limit it to perhaps twice a day following the detox period; but only if you purchase pure Stevia with no ingredients other than FOS or inulin.

Allowed Foods:


Sorry I think I needed to be clearer. I did notice that raspberries and blueberries aren’t on the allowed food list, but I just wondered why they are not included. I cannot eat apples due to fructose malabsorption and I wanted to be able to eventually eat some sort of fruit.

I assumed that most fruits cannot be eaten on the candida diet because they contain the natural sugar fructose. I don’t know whether there are any other reasons? But I just wondered why apples can be eaten but not raspberries when raspberries have a lower fructose content?