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Timmy, your inquiries are answered below.

1) Ok I will start to raise it my coconut oil from about 4 tablespoons (where it is now) to 18 teaspoons a day. Does it matter if this is taken before during or after meals?

Timmy, I was reading over some of your previous posts, and I see that I’d forgotten that in your original post you wrote that you had been diagnosed with Seborrheic dermatitis. Research studies now claim that certain oils can trigger the symptoms associated with S. dermatitis. Naturally I’m wondering if the return of the symptoms aren’t S. dermatitis instead of Candida symptoms flaring up since the rash is also a symptom of this dermatitis.

I know that I instructed you to add more coconut oil, but now I’m thinking that perhaps you should back off of the amount you’re taking, perhaps down to 3 teaspoons a day.

2) Yes 40 drops of oil of oregano. The brand is “now essential oils”. It says 100% pure & natural oil of oregano 25% oil blend Origanum vulgare. Is this brand good?

Reply: It sounds fine, but I would reduce the amount to 10-12 drops a day taken in three doses.

3) I got a little light headed in the first couple weeks but back then I was probably only taking about 10 drops of oil of oregano per day.

Reply: Ten drops is enough to cause die-off reactions, especially in the beginning of the treatment.

Quote: “This last week I upped the dosage to 40 drops per day because my skin wasn’t really getting better. After upping the dosage I didn’t experience any light headedness or weakness. But what I have noticed is that my skin is pretty much back to where it was at the beginning of the diet 4 weeks ago which was pretty bad. It’s like every sacrifice I have made hasn’t done anything. It is extremely frustrating!”

Reply: This is another reason that I’m considering the possibility of the increase in skin problems being caused by the Seborrheic dermatitis instead of Candida.

4) I am not taking Molybdenum. I was thinking I would start taking that if I experienced some feeling of toxicity but I don’t think I really have. Should I take it anyway?

Reply: A good idea, that way you’ll know whether the symptoms are die-off or reactions to either Candida or the S. dermatitis. The Molybdenum should reduce any die-off symptoms.

5) The Probiotic I am taking is ultimate flora critical care 50 Billion. I take 2 capsules together in the morning with breakfast. I see that I should take these separate from food by about a couple hours. I will start to do that now. Should I take more or change brands?

Reply: After you finish the bottle at the dosage you’re taking now, I would change brands in order to obtain different strains. MegaFlora by MegaFoods is a good one to change to.

6) This $50 bottle of liquid omega 3 says it contains soy. Is that hindering my recovery? Should I just throw it out and get a different brand? Do you know what one I should get?

Reply: Yes, I would stop using that brand, plus you can find a brand much less expensive. Do the ingredients list any type of alcohol or ethanol? By the way, you can purchase omega
3 from almost any pharmacy.

About 10 to 20 percent of people develop atopic dermatitis (eczema), but only about 5% develop Seborrheic dermatitis, and these two are very easily confused because of the symptoms. How did your doctor come to the conclusion that S. dermatitis is your problem?

Hydrocortisone cream is reported as improving the symptoms in 80% of users with eczema; whereas S. dermatitis requires a different avenue of treatments, normally treatments such as antifungals.