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I want to give a big thank you to Raster and Able and everyone else who helps on this forum. Also a virtual pat on the back to all of you. This is very hard but it seems to get easier every day (for me at least).

I have been studying the strict diet list and forum intently. I really want to do this right. A couple questions about nuts/seeds/legumes since I am a vegetarian in need of more protein sources on the diet:

-I usually sprout my own lentils, clover, and almonds, and would venture into other types of sprouts if it were ok.

Does sprouting legumes make them less starchy and therefore ok for stage one of the diet?

I understand that nuts and seeds contain mold, so does washing them in grapefruit seed extract work to rid them of all the mold? Or do they have to be roasted?

If sprouts ARE ok, can they be used during the cleanse? Especially if juiced?

Do hemp seeds/powder not contain mold?

I am also concerned about the amount of mold in my house. I already signed the lease for another year. Any tips on getting rid of it?

Thanks so much