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Soldia, the first week or two you are simply on ”the cleanse” — then you’ll start the diet which is effectively stage 1.

Quote: ”So i think this cleansing part/phase 1 you said was a two week deal but to wait till i stop seeing reactions. (I was thinking 21 days just in case.)

Reply: You don’t stay on the cleanse until all reactions are gone; you stay on stage 1 (allowed foods list) until there are no more reactions or symptoms of Candida.

Quote: Phase 2 is after that phase 1/cleanse right? When does phase 3 take effect?

Reply: Phase 2 is after all symptoms and reactions have disappeared. Don’t worry about phase 3, that’s usually a very, very long time away. You need to take this one day at a time and not worry about next week and especially not next month. Concentrate on today and doing what you have to each day only.

Please read the protocol so that you will understand this all better. The link to the post is”