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Yesterday, I think I had a mild reaction from one of the following:
non-organic eggs (I got desperate), cumin, lemon juice, new brand of oregano, new brand of vitamin C, ??? Since these all look pretty inconspicuous at first blush, I’m now doubly-determined to double-check and make sure the foods I’m eating are a-okay. Hence new questions (sorry >_< )! First, let’s talk seafood. Eggs don’t fill me up at all (I can eat five big ones at once and still be hungry), I’ve been trying to avoid beef and pork, and I can’t eat chicken for every meal, so I’ve been using seafood to fill the gaps (plus, I live in Japan, where eating seafood is pretty common). I noticed there are only three types of fish on the acceptable list: wild salmon (which I eat very frequently already), and the other two are rarer here. Is there any reason other fish were left off the list, other than mercury/over-fishing concerns? I already try to choose well in those regards… In particular, does anyone have an opinion on any of these?
– octopus
– squid
– (chub) mackerel
– sea bream
– fish eggs (cod, salmon, etc.)

I know these aren’t very common in the States, so I didn’t know if they were left off the list simply because they’re not part of the typical western diet. I’ve been eating most of the above to some degree or another, and haven’t noticed any reactions, but I could always be setting myself back without realizing it.

Next up, another spice question!
Namely, cumin, which I got for a recipe, but is a pleasant addition to the turmeric, oregano, salt and pepper, and garlic powder. I notice it’s not on the list… any particular reason why?

That’s all for now. Much thanks to anyone who can comment on any of the above foods~~~