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Thanks Able to take the time to put all this info together, very helpful. I am a single mom and I work Mon- Sat, I really dont have time to be sick, so last week when I really felt sick and weak I had the greek yogurt twice in one day, and the following I had all my vegetables and for protein I had canned sardines, I have been eating 4 times a day or more,I add crushed garlic to everything, I added the breads, I am on the grapeseed oil and apple cider vinegar and 1 yogurt a day with the probiotic, Milk tistle, vitamin C, and multivitamin, I still have some pain in my right side, and a bit of nausea in the morning, but I feel much better.

Sardines in can are OK?

I found in whole foods an “Organic creamed coconut” is a paste but you can disolve it with water, is Unsweetened. I like the taste. is only $2.99

I have heard that chlorella is avery good supplement, what is your opinion?

Thanks again