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oh_livia wrote: The website diet has you taking the bentonite/seed detox drink throughout the diet it seems. Other websites for colon cleanses say if you get up to 3 of bentonite/seed drinks a day, you should start passing the toxic mucoid plaque ( Would this be beneficial on the cleanse, possibly speeding up the healing process? Or would it be kind of harmful to the intestines for those of us with Leaky Gut Syndrome? It looks like the forum protocol only has one bentonite/chia drink per day and only on the cleanse, not on the diet. Why not continue doing it into the diet?

We don’t advocate staying on the cleanse for over a week because we don’t believe it’s beneficial to one’s health when a Candida infestation is also present. The main reason for this is weight loss. When a person goes through the cleanse they lose weight quickly, and when they switch to the diet they continue to lose weight, normally for a long time. One of the biggest problems with the treatment in general is weight loss, sometimes to a near dangerous number. This is why we suggest that members switch to having a better combination food as soon as they can.

A lot of the members skipped the cleanse completely, including Raster and myself because of our lifestyle and jobs, yet we still managed to cure the infestation to the point of zero symptoms lasting for a substantial period of time and are continuing to enjoy this state. That is, unless Raster returns from his week-long honeymoon and announces a return of his symptoms. If he does, it’s because he was planning to enjoy alcohol and a diet that was far removed from a Candida maintenance diet which is necessary for at least one year or longer following the end of all symptoms. But he hasn’t been symptom free for very long, and he realizes the chance he’s taking. At any rate, this is just to say that the cleanse isn’t going to cure the infestation anymore than the diet will. All these accomplish as far as the Candida are concerned is to lower the numbers of the infestation, but if other measures are not taken (the protocol as a whole), then the Candida will continue to repopulate over and over making it a never-ending journey of killing and replenishing the infestation.

If you feel comfortable staying on the cleanse and consuming the detox drink indefinitely and are not worried about weight loss or other nutrient factors, then this is your choice and I’m certainly not going to tell you not to do so. If you wish to start the diet yet continue the detox drink, I see no problem at all with doing so.

Let us know if you have other questions or concerns.