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Hi Able, thanks for the message!

1) Ok I will start to raise my coconut oil from about 4 tablespoons (where it is now) to 18 teaspoons a day. Does it matter if this is taken before during or after meals?

2) Yes 40 drops of oil of oregano. The brand is “now essential oils”. It says 100% pure & natural oil of oregano 25% oil blend Origanum vulgare. Is this brand good? Is that too many drops?

3) I got a little light headed in the first couple weeks but back then I was probably only taking about 10 drops of oil of oregano per day. This last week I upped the dosage to 40 drops per day because my skin wasn’t really getting better. After upping the dosage I didn’t experience any light headedness or weakness. But what I have noticed is that my seborrheic dermatitis is pretty much back to where it was at the beginning of the diet 4 weeks ago which was pretty bad. It’s like every sacrifice I have made hasn’t done anything. It is extremely frustrating!

4) I am not taking Molybdenum. I was thinking I would start taking that if I experienced some feeling of toxicity but I don’t think I really have. Should I take it anyway?

5) The Probiotic I am taking is ultimate flora critical care 50 Billion. I take 2 capsules together in the morning with breakfast. I see that I should take these seperate from food by about a couple hours. I will start to do that now. Should I take more or change brands?

6) This $50 bottle of liquid omega 3 says it contains soy. Is that hindering my recovery? Should I just throw it out and get a different brand? Do you know what one I should get?

Thanks for all your help Able. I really appreciate it!