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Javizy wrote: What about ones that use citric and lactic acid as acid stabilisers? Is it true these should be avoided? Most jarred olives, and even “fresh” refrigerated ones, contain them. I’ve been buying lemon/citrus ones.

The sugar used in the fermentation process of citric acid could possibly cause the Candida infestation to become worse; of course it would depend on the amount of citric acid in a product as well as how often it was eaten.

However, the beneficial bacteria in the intestines actually produce lactic acid from sugar.
The Candida feed on sugar, and when there isn’t enough lactobacillus bacteria in the body to convert the sugar into lactic acid, then it’s much easier for yeast to reproduce causing an overgrowth.

The above explains how a plentiful supply of flora (beneficial bacteria) is the cure for a Candida albicans infestation.